Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Morning Joys

Twas Sunday morning and I went for my paper
The first thing I noticed the result of some caper
The driveway was showing some light kind of dusting
I shook my head to give my eyes some adjusting

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
Just some TP covering our tree. Oh my dear!!!
We'd been hit by some students of that I was sure
Which ones exactly I could only infer

The windshield was covered with syrup, eggs and flour
To clean off this mess would take some real power
As I gathered my papers and returned to the house
I didn't look forward to informing my spouse

I had to inform him of the big mess they left
My Hubby's a cleaner and at it quite adept
He got some hot water clearing a spot to see
Then took off for the car wash as quick as you please

I proceeded to pull paper down and clean up
Threw away the mess and syrupy cup
My neighbor was aghast wondered what I had done
Wanted me to call the police on those sons of a gun

I, myself, wondered how we had gone for so long
Without being bothered by an unhappy throng
Living in the country some things you expect
But living in town I didn't even suspect

I'm hoping for rain to dissolve what's remaining
I'm hoping my neighbors won't start complaining
Am I looking forward to tomorrow? oh you bet
I know my darlings, they can't keep a secret.

The word will be out and somebody will squeal
I'll find out who did it and play "let's make a deal!"
We'll get back to Macbeth or research papers
And that will put an end to this TP caper!!!


Blogger Redneck. Diva. said...

I am proud to say that not once in my life have I ever gone TP'ing. I'm sure that question will never come up on a job application, but still, it's a source of pride.

You're right, though - they won't be able to keep a secret. Someone will squeal. They alllllways do.

(I called you today, in case you have caller ID and wondered why. I had a question on citing a source for a paper, but ended up not using the source in question. I bet you were at the carwash when I called...bless your heart.)

7:54 PM  

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