Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Eternal Prom Queen

I went to prom again for the umpteenth time. I wasn't in charge, thank the good Lord, but as senior sponsor I am invited and expected to show up. Hubby D can't be around perfume, aftershave, hairspray, etc. so "R" went with me.

I did the Cotton Eyed Joe, two stepped with a couple of my senior boys and did the Hokey Pokey. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Dipping strawberries in the chocolate fountain was fun but the eating them was even better. "R" even took a staged picture of me pretending to stick my tongue in the chocolate fountain. I have been having to watch my carb intake because of that blood glucose thing but at the prom I was far from good. I am back to being good. If being good were as much fun as the alternative, more people would be good.

One of the best things about Prom night is the students are all dressed up so they look and act better. The baseball team was exceptionally squirrelly, but hey, they were having fun sliding all over the dance floor on their knees while there dates sat at a table trying not to look too embarrassed. The kids danced most of the time and seemed to have lots of fun. We have some guys who do the break dancing stuff so they showed off; then, some guys who don't do the break dancing stuff did their versions. Both were entertaining.

One of my boys said he wasn't into this stuff and wished he had just gone rodeoing instead. We assured him that this would be the best prom he had ever gone to. He said this was the only prom he had ever gone to so we said, "See we told you!!!!!" I think he had more fun than he wanted to let on.

We stayed later than we had planned. I read my watch wrong so we got home after 11. We aren't the young swingers that we once weren't and we aren't as young as we once were. "R" got to babysit with her two darling grandboys the next day. I got to sleep in. I have taken it easy these last two days. I am going to need all the energy I can muster to finish up these last few weeks of school.

For those of you who haven't done the prom thing in years, bless your hearts. I have so many memories from years gone by--- the different styles of dancing, the different dress styles, the different hair-dos, the different songs that stick.

One of my favorite things from back then was that I used to rewrite the words to a Statler Brothers song "The Class of '57". I used some of their words but mostly I made up silly things about what the seniors would be doing in the future. I tried to make it as unrealistic as possible. I really enjoyed writing those but then somebody got all bent out of shape not wanting to be included in the song and I just stopped. Who needs hurt feelings and parents and administrators and board members getting into the act. It wasn't worth the hassle. I should just write the song for my own enjoyment. Nah, I would have to tell someone, and then, it would get out and I would get into trouble because I would write really tacky stuff if I didn't think anybody would know. Guess I will just have to reminisce about those good old days.

I hope my former students recall their prom song with fond memories because that was why I did it. I like making memories especially good ones.


Blogger Redneck. Diva. said...

I will never forget my Prom song - the line about me was "Kristin's on welfare."

Unrealistic, huh?

I'm so glad you had fun! I'm super jealous. Of course, when I saw Paul's nephew's fiance's dress....I was astounded that she was allowed to wear that thing! I'm not sure we'd have gotten away with practically showing our navels back in my day!!

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