Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That Time of the School Year

It is that time again. Spring comes. We are told to keep our students busy. Our students are gone with FCCLA(FHA), track, baseball, Vo Tech, FFA, enrolling at NEO, and whatever else they can squeeze in there. In both of my English IV classes today at least 1/3 of the class was gone with school activities. I had started this poetry unit. I was going to use Shel Silverstein poems to get them interested before they had to do the serious stuff. Want to guess how far we got with that? At least the Juniors are working independently on their research papers. The rough draft is due Friday and some of them haven't given me their note cards yet.

My new plan for seniors is to watch a relevant movie for the next two days and then to try again next week. Of course, next week, I will run in to much the same scheduling problems as this week. Next Friday is prom. We were scheduled to be out of school that day but snow days ruined that. Students who are going to Prom must be at school for at least half a day unless they happen to be Juniors who are working on decorating. Friday will be one of "those" days. On top of that I will be out of my classroom to help with testing one day. The week after that we have a talent show scheduled. The next week is the senior/faculty game. There will be track meets and baseball games throughout April also. Each week brings new activities and challenges.

I can handle it. I have learned to go with the flow. I know that the only thing you get from beating your head up against a brick wall is a headache. Plans must be flexible. You put it out there and the students who want to will learn and those who don't want to will get by. This is reality. We only have about 29 days of classes left. This causes great joy and panic.

You would think that after all of these years I'd be used to the chaos that is the end of school. Maybe next year I will be better prepared. I am so funny. Any ole who, I must go get my rest. I am on duty at noon this week and I promised to teach them how to do The Cotton Eyed Joe before prom. At least I will be getting some exercise.


Blogger Redneck. Diva. said...

I wanna go to Prom!! I remember doing the Cotton-eyed Joe at Prom! Oh how nostalgic am I right now!

We were at Cracker Barrel Saturday night when some Prom-goers came in. Abby sat there with her chin in her hand, staring wistfully....kind of like I'm doing right now....

The Cotton-eyed Joe....*sigh*

8:31 AM  

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