Saturday, March 31, 2007

Maudlin Me

I woke up Friday morning before 6 and remembered that I hadn't dried my jeans for "Friday Jeans Day". This just would not do. I needed dry jeans in an hour. I got out of bed, walked around it, stumbled into the wall, and managed to get to the dryer without any other major mishap. I put the jeans in the dryer, set it, started it, and stumbled back to bed. My right boob and foot were still smarting, but hey, I could sleep for 30 more minutes and that was what I was going to do.

Wrong!!! My toe felt a little funny. Matter of fact, it felt wet so I stumbled into the bathroom to investigate. My toe was bleeding profusely. Poor Hubby D had to be summoned immediately. I don't do blood. The Hubby doesn't wake up very quickly nor do his eyes adjust well to light at first. I sat there on the throne with my bleeding toe trying to be patient(me not the toe). BUT, my life's blood was draining at a rapid pace. He took one look and started getting the supplies out to bandage the mess. We moved to the dining table where the light was better. Not a good idea for me. My toe, the this little piggy had none one, was split from the top down through the nail.

Upon further examination, the Hubby figured that had it been anywhere else I probably could have had a stitch. But a stitch in the toenail. I think not. He cleaned me up and bandaged my toe. He really is a good nurse. He is so gentle and tender. Then, he told me that I needed to stay off of it for the day or it would keep bleeding.

I was not prepared to miss school. My desk was a chaotic mess which is normal, but this time, if I remembered right, it was worse than usual. Oh well, I guess some things can't be helped. I stayed home and kept my foot up. I bumped it once and made it bleed. If I had gone to school, I am sure I would have made it worse. Now, I have to venture down to Wyandotte to get my students' work graded and figure eligibility.

Today, the good Hubby cleaned my little piggy up and re-bandaged it. I think I am going to live but I will now have an ugly toenail for the rest of my life. I wouldn't mind but I am a sandals kind of a gal and I hate to look at really ugly toes. I am now going to have to look at an ugly toe on my own body for the rest of my life.

Poor Poor Pitiful Me!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Break

In case you were wondering (and why wouldn't you?), I have been on spring break for the past week. It has been a very relaxing and wonderful week. Hubby D got the week off, too. We accomplished absolutely nothing. I told you it was wonderful.

Last Saturday we took off for Little Rock to visit the Kidwells. All of them were well. We relaxed, talked, laughed, slept, and ate. What a great vacation!!!!

We ventured back home on Tuesday. The cat had been left in all of that time so he wasn't happy. He spent the evening going out and coming back in just to make sure we were still here or maybe just to aggravate us since we had left him for a few days. We rented movies and spent the last 3 days watching movies, catching up on what we had taped, sleeping and relaxing. We have become quite adept at this relaxing thing.

Today we did get cleaned up and leave the house again. We were running low on groceries, I needed some make up stuff, and the Hubby needed a haircut. Ah, food and vanity, the only two things powerful enough to get us to leave the premises.

We have had a great week and I sure do hate to see it all come to an end. C'est la or le vie!!! My French with Miss Taylor left me on that one. Is life feminine or masculine? Must be feminine. You know life is a... Hubby D goes back to work tomorrow and I have to have grades entered by noon on Monday so I have some things to do, too. Dishes, laundry, grading! Back to reality!!!

It sure was fun while it lasted.

I only have a little over 8 weeks to go until summer vacation!!!!!

I believe I am going to make it.

Oh and in case you were wondering...Yes, spring break is for the teachers, not for the students. Many people are alive today because their teachers got spring break. Trust me on this one. I know from experience. My teachers never got spring break. How did they do it? All I can say is that the students must have been much nicer back then!!! What else could it be?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Morning Joys

Twas Sunday morning and I went for my paper
The first thing I noticed the result of some caper
The driveway was showing some light kind of dusting
I shook my head to give my eyes some adjusting

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
Just some TP covering our tree. Oh my dear!!!
We'd been hit by some students of that I was sure
Which ones exactly I could only infer

The windshield was covered with syrup, eggs and flour
To clean off this mess would take some real power
As I gathered my papers and returned to the house
I didn't look forward to informing my spouse

I had to inform him of the big mess they left
My Hubby's a cleaner and at it quite adept
He got some hot water clearing a spot to see
Then took off for the car wash as quick as you please

I proceeded to pull paper down and clean up
Threw away the mess and syrupy cup
My neighbor was aghast wondered what I had done
Wanted me to call the police on those sons of a gun

I, myself, wondered how we had gone for so long
Without being bothered by an unhappy throng
Living in the country some things you expect
But living in town I didn't even suspect

I'm hoping for rain to dissolve what's remaining
I'm hoping my neighbors won't start complaining
Am I looking forward to tomorrow? oh you bet
I know my darlings, they can't keep a secret.

The word will be out and somebody will squeal
I'll find out who did it and play "let's make a deal!"
We'll get back to Macbeth or research papers
And that will put an end to this TP caper!!!