Sunday, April 22, 2007

Miss Taylor

Miss Taylor died and will be buried on Monday. She was 93 or something like that. I remember thinking she was about that old when I had her in class all those years ago.

She was an old maid and quite set in her ways. She was a tough ole bird and I can only imagine how she would deal with today's students. I imagine they would have been whacked a few times.

She taught history and French and finally became the school librarian after I graduated. I think when I started teaching at Wyandotte she was still the librarian.

I was lucky; she liked me. I learned from her, too. I think I was afraid not to. My sophomore year in high school, I took world history from her instead of taking Home Ec. I was the only girl in my class who didn't take Home Ec that year. I was the only girl in the world history class. I majored in social studies in college. She must have had some influence on me.

Maybe some day after I'm gone, some student will read my obituary and remember some way that I influenced them for the better. I think that is what teaching is mostly about. Making a difference in people's lives is a mighty fine way to make a living.


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