Friday, June 29, 2007

A Good Day

Some days are okay and some days are great, but every once in awhile that Good Day slips in there. It really isn't anything special. Last Saturday was one of those Great Days. The Dareing Family got together for fun, food, singing and laughter. Today was just one of those Good Days.

The bloomin' cat woke us up earlier than usual. We had breakfast, read the paper, and watched a little TV. Then, we got ready and went to Walmart to pick up some necessities. We always see someone to talk to at Walmart and today was no exception. Of course, we forgot a couple of things so they have been added to the next list. We came home and had some lunch. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Hubby D checked the movies at the new cinema right here in good ole Miami town and discovered that Bruce Willis' new Die Hard movie was on. So instead of changing out of our shopping clothes, we or at least I flopped on the couch to do a little reading and TV watching. Hubby D ran some errands for his mom. He is such a good son and a better husband!!! About 3:45 we started getting ourselves moving and headed to the movies.

This Die Hard is like the others. ACTION, EXPLOSIONS, BLOOD, DEATH AND MAYHEM!!!
We really enjoyed it. Let's face it. Having an old guy whup ass and still come out on top can't be beat especially when you get to be our age. Reality must be checked at the door when you buy your tickets. Nobody could live through all of the things that happen in this movie except a good ole smart mouthed hard as nails cop.

On the way home we stopped at Montana Mike's for dinner. It was busy. Of course, it's Friday night. Oh well, we got to see people we hadn't seen in ages and I got to talk some more. I usually don't leave the house more than once a week during the summer if I don't have to. I don't do the hair and make up on a regular basis during my time off. I talk on the phone and via the net, but sometimes I need face to face interaction. I got that today and it was nice.

We have spent the rest of evening watching TV and here I am blogging. Life is good and so was today.


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